There are many opportunities to connect with other developers in the area.

Mobile Developer Community

The Mobile Developer Community provides a monthly meeting on campus and a mailing list for discussion.

Mailing List

U-M faculty, staff and students can join the U-M Mobile Developer Community email group to ask questions, share ideas or keep track of mobile happenings at U-M. Join the email group via MCommunity (instructions for joining MCommunity groups).


The user group meets approximately once per semester to share mobile applications and mobile development topics.

Other U-M Groups

  • um-iphone - The University of Michigan iPhone Application Development Team (IT Commons). The group discusses iPhone-related topics, but is not for user support. Join the email group via MCommunity.

  • mobile-web - Mobile Web Development. Platform agnostic discussion of mobile development for mobile apps and the mobile Web. Also a community for sharing of web-enabled mobile devices for testing purposes. Join the email group via MCommunity.

  • www-sig is a U-M user group that meets approximately once a month to discuss issues in Web development and usage, particularly as it concerns members of the U-M computing community. For more information, visit the www-sig website or join their email group via MCommunity.

Local Groups

  • CocoaHeads is a group devoted to discussion of Apple Computer's Cocoa Framework for programming iPhone and MacOS X. For more information, visit the CocoaHeads Ann Arbor site or subscribe to the Cocoaheads-discuss mailing list.

  • Mobile Monday Michigan focuses on encouraging innovation within the local mobile sector and helping local companies participate in initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices. For more information or to join this meetup group, visit the Mobile Michigan Monday site.

  • 1DevDay - The DetroitDevDays mission is to build a software developer community in the Detroit area that is regarded as the best in the world.  DevDays educate and unite our Software Developer community with inclusive, accessible and affordable events and conferences.

  • LA2M- Marketing Education, formerly known as "Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing."  The group meets during the lunch hour at Conor O'Neils on Main Street each Wednesday.  A wide range of topics are covered including mobile technology.

Mobile Developer Community Meeting Notes