Walmart 48-Hour Mobile Apps Hackathon VI (Sept. 27-29)

Come and create a mobile app in 48 hours! Come if you have an idea for a mobile app; come if you don’t have an idea for a mobile app; come with a team; come without a team. Come if you have experience developing mobile apps; come if you don’t have experience developing mobile apps.
Here’s how it works: everybody who has an idea makes a 45 second pitch. Then we form teams.

Everybody will be on a team; everybody will build a mobile app. You do not have to be an engineer to build an app: artists and storytellers have a place in this process as well!

Start: 6:00pm, Friday, Sept. 27

Finish: 6:00pm, Sunday, Sept. 29

Where: Design Lab One, Duderstadt Center

Questions: Send them to

Sponsored by Walmart, with thanks to the Computer Science and Engineering, The Center for Entrepreneurship, The Digital Media Commons, The College of Engineering, Apple Inc.