Winners of the Fall 2012 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge

The Fall 2012 Mobile Apps Challenge promoted entrepreneurial thinking and encouraged the U-M developer community to create innovative mobile designs. U-M students, faculty, and staff submitted a diverse collection of medical apps, games, educational apps, plus apps relating to health and lifestyle

Contest Results

  Name App Demo & Description Platform & Category
1st Eric Maslowski


Ever have a headache or facial pain that seemingly comes and goes without warning? Ever been diagnosed with migraines, TMD or facial neuralgias but feel that the medication or your ability to explain your pain is limited? PainTrek is a novel app that was developed to make it easier to track, analyze, and talk about pain.



2nd Eric Maslowski


The app will give you the feel of what it was like reading an ancient Greek book on papyrus, where the text is written without word division, punctuation, headings, or chapter and verse numbers. To aid the reader without knowledge of ancient Greek the translation mode will give a literal translation of the Greek text preserved on these pages (with addition of chapter and verse numbers), with explanatory notes showing where this text is different from the Standard text.



3rd (tie) Jeff Bargman


Provides users with an upgraded photo gallery to pick up where Apple left off. It allows users to organize photos and share with friends more easily.


Social, Lifestyle

3rd (tie) Johnathon Beals

That Translation Game

Through competitive play, contestants create and defend a translation of a given work (often a short piece of text or segment of video). Operating underneath this process is the rhetorical idea that the act of translation is not simply a binary correct/incorrect process, and that contestants should move beyond the idea of a “perfect” translation. The act of spontaneous creation based on goals like target audience, tone, or register, coupled with the necessity to defend the translation to win the favor of the host or audience both support those goals. Wrapping that process within the framework of a game creates a fun atmosphere where the cost of failure is low, and students can have fun exploring a concept in an active, social environment.



5th Cory Woolf


Feeding your hunger for knowledge.

Web App


Honorable Mention

  Name App Demo & Description Platform & Category
  Chen Feng


Navigation app for Android that utilizes augmented reality technology.



  Adam Eickmeyer




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